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A Gift Giving Gift with SVG Attic

Hi and welcome, everyone! Lisa from The Relativity of Paper sharing a fun gift idea, a gift giving gift. Using the desk organizer from the SVG Attic G is for Gratitude Set I created this organizer for gift bags, tags, pens, ribbon, scissors, and tape.  This organizer would make a fun gift wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a bow.  I will be sharing another fun idea using this organizer soon, so stay tuned! 

At first glance, this organizer seems a little intimidating. Don’t let it scare you! Allow yourself plenty of time to assemble, making sure everything is squared, edges are nice and crisp, and I can’t stress enough that a heavy cardstock is a must to achieve the best results possible. Make sure to take a peek at the Video Tutorial before you start assembling and things will fall right into place. I had extra space on my matted paper to cut tags out from the newly released JGW Just Sew Collection.

I’ve added this tip before but I feel like it needs to be said again…..Binder Clips are a paper crafters

best friend!

You can find more details and a supply list on my blog, The Relativity of Paper.

As always, thanks for joining us and we hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

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