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AntiLock Brakes and Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge #81

Today brings another fabtabulous sketch

 Here’s the card I finally decided on! There’s a story there!

Yesterday I had a whole day in my craft room! And

I was ready or at least I thought I was. So I grab my 

coffee, do some blogging, commenting,social media,

you know the rounds, right? 

Okay, time to get my craft on! Wrong! 

My brain slammed on the brakes and would not 

ease up, my brain was like a car without antilock brakes!


I made three cards(well some would

say that) before I came up with the Winter Wonderland

that is above! I wasn’t happy with anything I was 

producing. Ever have a day like that?

So for your entertainment I added the other 

“cards” below!

So now that you heard about the crafting day 

that almost was you can 

and join the fun!

While your there sprinkle some love 

on the other ladies and their inspirational designs!


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