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Can I Have A Minute of Your Time? + New Product Reveal

Can I have a minute of your time?

Each month, I share three Release Close-Up posts on my blog, sharing Whimsy Stamps' new products. Whimsy Stamps strives to give us fun, innovative products to create with, and you all get to see that each time I share with you. However, what you don't get to see is behind the scenes. Whimsy Stamps has been around since 2008. Yes, 2008! They are the innovators of the SLIMLINE DIE! How awesome is that?

I've had comments about how lucky Whimsy is to have me, but I want to tell you how lucky I am to have Whimsy Stamps. Denise and Deb, the owners, are the kindest people I have met in this industry. They truly care about people. This is family; I kid you not!

The first time I spoke to them via phone conference, I knew they were my kind of people.

People I could get behind and support in any way possible. I felt a sense of renewal after that first conversation, and I was ready to dive back into crafting after what had been a tough two years prior. They've made me see my self-worth, again!

We have a monthly Zoom meeting for updates. Generally, just check-in and see how things are going. If any of us are dealing with life, as we all do at times, they will say, put business aside, and let's listen and do whatever we can to help because that's the kind of people these two amazing ladies are!

Last year, when my husband had a heart attack, they immediately started texting/emailing. What can we do? Please let us help in any way we can, hire a maid service, order groceries for you, anything! Just please let us help you. The idea that someone was willing to help, that two people cared that much, gave me everything I needed!

One thing that always surprises me when I hear it...."I've never heard about Whimsy Stamps" until I saw them here. I'm asking from one crafter to another to spread the word about Whimsy Stamps because this company and the owners are the real deal! I've been on their Creative Team for over a year and started guest designing back in September of 2019. They will have to run me off because I love these ladies and my design team sisters that much!

Here are a few ways to support Whimsy Stamps without spending any money because that's not what this is about. This is about sharing throughout the crafty kingdom how amazingly kind and caring these two ladies are!

  1. Subscribe to Whimsy Stamps Social Media Channels and share the content you see there

  2. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel, like, share, comment

  3. Follow my amazingly talented DT Sisters across their social media, like, share, comment

  4. Sign up for the Whimsy Stamps Newsletter

These are just a few ways for you to support Whimsy Stamps! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate you all!

Whimsy Stamps Instagram @whimsystamps

Whimsy Stamps Pinterest @whimsystamps

Whimsy Stamps Facebook @whimsystampsLLC

Whimsy Stamps YouTube @whimsystampsvideos

Join their Facebook Group and share your creations featuring Whimsy Stamps Products there.


Now onto the Release Close-Up video, plus I share a quick card process at the end.

Next up, Slimline Embossing Folder Techniques! It's pretty in-depth, but like I told a friend...I have words to share!


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