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Easy, One-Layer Birthday Card

Hi, everyone and welcome! Today I’m over on the Victorine Originals Blog sharing a fun rainbow inspired birthday card with you today. Summer is upon us and everyone wants to be outside soaking up the sun and enjoying family time by the pool, right?  So today is all about keeping it simple with this one layer birthday card. This card is quick and simple, can be used for any occasion. So let’s jump into this thing.

To create this card you need four things: ink, paper, stamping tool and the VO Dots Stamp Set.  A stamping tool makes life so much easier no matter what you are stamping but especially so when stamping with this overlay technique but no worries, you can achieve this with an acrylic block too.

Here’s a close-up that really explains how to do this. Simply stamp the dot overlaying each color as you move your paper when using a stamping tool. The stamping tool has the grid-lines that allow you to align your paper and keep it straight while positioning it. I can’t say enough about the Memento Inks, the colors are so vibrant!

As always thanks for joining me! 


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