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It's been a while since I've posted, consistently, on my blog, and I know my friends have been wondering what's going on – so here goes. This Calls for Confetti was born in January 2022, and business skyrocketed from that point. We've seen more success with it than we ever dreamed possible. Now that I'm at this point, life has completely changed – not just the business side but also personally.

At the start of the new year, I felt burned out and exhausted – it was clear to me that some major work needed to be done to create harmony between my personal and professional lives. That work has paid off as I am now in a place of balance that is immensely liberating for me. It feels great because it means I'm reconnecting with my love of card making and my crafty friends, new and old.

And speaking of card making, I’m excited to share that Whimsy Stamps has a new release today! It’s full of whimsical images and sentiments. I hope you’ll check it out!



I would like to invite you to a Craft Room Tour on Friday. I'll share all the tips and tricks I used to turn a 100 square foot space into a functional craft room. Having the chance to share my space with everyone is such an exciting feeling for me.

This Wednesday, I'll be uploading a video to the Whimsy Stamps YouTube channel. All of this information will be posted on my blog, and I hope you'll follow along.

There is something so comforting about reconnecting with this space after such a long time away.

Much love


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