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The Journey of Seventy Boots with SVG Attic

I want to start today’s post with thank you!  Thank you to all the veterans 

who served and continue to serve this country, I am forever grateful to you. 

Lisa from, The Crafting Cave, sharing The Journey of Seventy Boots 

with you today. This past August, I was asked to make a few table decorations 

for a Warriors on the Water Committee Dinner that is held at my parents home. 

So I let the wheels turn and decided I would use the 3D Combat Boot Box from 

JGW My Hero Collection.  I made five of the boots.

I used Kraft Paper to create the boot, bakers twine for the laces, black and grey cardstock to make the dog tags. My intention was to add these mini flags to the boots and I love the way they turned out. 

Here’s where the story becomes interesting! 

I get a phone call the evening of the dinner from my mom that went something 

like this: 

Mom: “Hey, whatcha doin?”

Me: Nothing, why?

Mom: “Everyone really likes the boots.

Me: Good, I’m glad.

Mom: They need 70 MORE! 

Me: 70? Okay.

And this is the beginning of the journey. The way I see it, one of two things will play out.

I will make the seventy boots or I will lose my mind in the process! Either way, it’s for 

an amazing cause. For one day, a returning soldier from Iraq and/or Afghanistan is offered a full day of bass fishing in a tournament, hence the name, Warriors on the Water

I have plenty of time, they aren’t needed until April and I already have five made! 

 You can follow the journey over on my blog, In The Crafting Cave, from the beginning to their final destination as centerpieces at the WOW IceBreaker.  

Thank you for taking the time to pop in and 

I hope you have an amazing day! 


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