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The Sting of an Acorn

First just let me tell you, I love acorns! They take me back to my childhood. Growing up we had three huge acorn trees in our backyard. I can see them right now, forming an L shape with clotheslines strung up from one to the other. I remember  running, barefoot, outside to grab the clothes off the lines when it started raining. Acorns hurt, like Lego when you step on it. They also hurt when pelted at you unrelentingly! See I grew up with two brothers and it was nothing for us to have an acorn fight. Yes, we would throw acorns at each other as hard as we could. The sting of an acorn is like that of a bee, let me tell ya. Did it hurt, um, yes! Did my mom yell “if you get hurt I’m not taking you to the hospital”? Yes! Did we stop, um, no! Do we have a great laugh remembering this today, absolutely. 

So how awesome to see this great 3D Acorn Box at SVG Attic. They are great reminders of my childhood and they make amazingly beautiful Fall decor. I resized the file to make these large 

to sit around my house. From top to bottom they are 8 inches in height and about 6 inches in width at the widest points.

I had several sheets of Pink Paislee {Mist}ables in my stash and I thought it was time to use them.

I used Walnut Stain Distress Ink to add some color. On the leaves I used Peeled Paint Distress Ink and I think the green really gave it the pop I was looking for. All the glitter paper is Best Creations and  Martha Stewart. The crinkle ribbon is by 3GirlJam. All my supplies are signs of being a hoarder, they are old.  I hope you enjoy.


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