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Tips and Tricks for Finding Inspiration

Happy FriYAY! Today I want to talk about being inspired, mainly where to find inspiration when you need it. I thought this post would be ideal for this topic because I was so inspired by this sheet of stamps, State and County Fairs from the USPS.

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places for me. I've found inspiration from decorated cakes to a Halloween wall mural to a sheet of stamps. Here's what happens when I need to be inspired, I head to Google and I type in something related to what I will be working with. For instance, for these Halloween cards, I typed in "eerie night sky with the moon", I found a picture I liked and set off to mimic that.

For this card here, I googled dessert sky color palettes. Pinterest is a great place to find color inspiration. I have a Pinterest board with nothing but color palettes, you can follow it here.

Don't limit yourself, inspiration is all around you!


Google, type in any phrases related to what you're using

Youtube, use it as a search engine just like Google

Pinterest, use it as a search engine


  • ANY AND ALL HOLIDAY DECOR - Pinterest search Halloween Decor, Christmas Decor or be more specific like Farmhouse Christmas Decor, Elegant Halloween Decor

  • Wallpaper! I search for floral wallpaper when I'm using floral stamp sets, it's the perfect place to find color. And I also search for cute wallpaper for a boy or girl room.

  • Floral Arrangements

  • Art

  • Decorated Cakes, you can follow my Pinterest Board here.

Now that I've shared my secrets, LOL, I have a quick video tutorial to share showing how I created today's card.

Now in case, the color palette on this card is not your thing I have another card to share. This is a card I created a few months ago but it could be inspiring for you. You can find the blog post here.

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Thanks for stopping by today!


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