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We have WINNERS!

Did everyone have a great Valentine’s Day? I hope so. It was quiet it here, my sweet hubby bought me five seasons of The Big Bang Theory and beautiful flowers. That’s the way I like it. Just let me geek out, no fancy dinners or jewelry. I believe in the KISS theory – Keep It Simple Sweetie! 

Before I announce the winners I want to say thank you. I am truly grateful that you all would take time out of your day to come to my blog. I am so blessed and my hope is that we continue to inspire each other through our creativity and friendships bloom! And yes, it’s  possible to have internet friends. I have met several people through the internet, over the years, that I can say my life is better for knowing them, even if only through a chat box. Y’all (got it keep it southern and real) are awesome! 

So without further ado, here are the winners:


#4 – Beth Fiscus – CLAIMED

#8 – Nikki – CLAIMED

#10 – Sarah Haner

#11 – M Samuelson – CLAIMED

Just use the Contact Me Form in the right sidebar or PM on Facebook your info and I will 

slip these in the mail ASAP! I hope you enjoy everything. Oh, and be sure to share your creations. 

If you email me pics, I would love to post on my blog linking back to yours. 

Again, thank you for being so awesome! 

And keep your eyes open April is going to be FUN! 


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